November 18, 2018

Link to Short Video of the Royal Family's Visit to the Pontifical Royal Basilica of San Francesco di Paola

Click link to view short Facebook video of the Royal Family's recent visit to the Pontifical Royal Basilica of San Francesco di Paola in Naples, Italy, where HRH Prince Charles of Bourbon Two Sicilies conferred the Grand Cross of Justice upon his daughters TRH Princess Maria Carolina and Princess Maria Chiara.

November 16, 2018

Happy Feast of San Giuseppe Moscati!

Prayer to Saint Giuseppe Moscati

Dear St. Joseph Moscati, true model of Christian doctors, in the exercise of your medical profession, you always took care of both the body and soul of every patient. Look on us, who have recourse to your heavenly intercession, and obtain for us both physical and spiritual health, and a share in the dispensation of heavenly favors. Soothe the pains of our suffering people; give comfort to the sick, consolation to the afflicted and hope to the despondent. May our young people find in you an ideal, our workers an example, the aging a comfort, the dying the hope of eternal salvation. To all of us be a pattern of industriousness, honesty and charity; so we may comply with our Christian duties and glorify God our Father. Amen.

November 14, 2018

Volunteers Needed for the November Malta Walk in NYC

This Tuesday, November 20th at 7:30 PM members of the Constantinian Auxiliary Corps will join the Order of Malta Auxiliary for their monthly “Malta Walk” street ministry. Volunteers meet every third Tuesday of the month at the Basilica of St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral parish house at 263 Mulberry Street in lower Manhattan to prepare and distribute food to the homeless.

Anyone interested in supporting this charitable endeavor can contact Cav. John Napoli at or the Order of Malta Auxiliary at or call 917-566-3937. For additional information, the Order of Malta Auxiliary can be found on Facebook at

November 11, 2018

Happy Feast of St. Martin of Tours!

Prayer to St. Martin of Tours

Blessed saint, You were born under pagan ways but since your childhood you were chosen to be a Prince of the Church and , as Bishop of Tours, many souls were redeemed and liberated from the satanic forces through your prayers, austerities and blessings.

We humbly ask for your intercession before Our Lord Jesus Christ because we want to be worthy of the grace and mercy of the Holy Spirit that lead us from darkness to light into the eternal kingdom, for ever and ever. Amen.

St. Martin of Tours, Pray for us.

November 10, 2018

The Sicilian Poetry of Nino Provenzano at Seton Hall University

Michael Badalucco and Nino Provenzano.
Photos courtesy of Anthony Scillia
Thursday, November 8th, Siciliophiles packed into the Theater in the Round in the Bishop Dougherty University Center at Seton Hall University in South Orange, New Jersey to listen to the Sicilian poetry of Nino Provenzano, author of I’d Love to Come (Legas, 1995), The Return (Legas, 2009), and Footprints in the Snow (Legas, 2016). Presented by the Charles and Joan Alberto Italian Studies Institute, the program was introduced by our Order’s very own Cav. John M. Viola. Translated by Gaetano Cipolla, Professor Emeritus St. John’s University and director of Arba Sicula, the poems were read in English by Emmy Award winning actor Michael Badalucco. Afterward, guests mingled at the reception in the faculty lounge.

As part of our Order’s mission to preserve and promote the culture of the former Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, the event was generously co-sponsored by the US Delegation of the Sacred Military Constantinian Order of St. George.
HE Cav. John Viola introduces the program.
Afterward, Nino meets his fans. 
Elmina with Michael Badalucco

November 9, 2018

An Eventful Weekend in Naples for the Royal Family

Photos courtesy of Real Casa di Borbone delle Due Sicilie
The Royal Family of Bourbon Two Sicilies celebrated the 20th wedding anniversary of Prince Charles and Princess Camilla, and the 25th anniversary of the Movimento Neoborbonico, in Naples from November 3rd to November 5th. Festivities included a star-studded (Eddy Napoli, Povia, Napulitanata, Paolo Caiazzo) extravaganza held at the Teatro Mediterraneo, Mostra d’Oltremare in Naples (pictured above and below), the unveiling of the presepio (Nativity scene) at the Chiesa di San Ferdinando, and a visit to the Reggia di Caserta, the former royal residence of the Neapolitan Bourbons.
The Royal Family also attended Holy Mass at the Pontifical Royal Basilica of San Francesco di Paola in Naples with the Knights and Dames of the Neapolitan Delegation of the Sacred Military Constantinian Order of Saint George. With due ceremony, the Grand Cross of Justice was conferred upon TRH Princess Maria Carolina and Princess Maria Chiara by HRH Prince Charles of Bourbon Two Sicilies.
Continuing their charitable activities in southern Italy, the Royal Family, with Vincenzo De Luca, President of Campania, and Ciro Verdoliva, General Director of Cardarelli Hospital in Naples, inaugurated a new nursery for the children of hospital employees.

November 7, 2018

Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of St. Francis of Paola Church in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Cav. Vincent Gangone with statue of St. Francis of Paola
Sunday, November 4th, members of the Order served as honor guard at the 100th Anniversary Celebration of St. Francis of Paola Church (219 Conselyea St.) in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Mass was concelebrated by the Most Reverend James Massa, Auxiliary Bishop;  Fr. Rafael Perez, Parochial Vicar; and Fr. Thomas Vassalotti, Pastor.
Vincent Gangone Jr. dutifully served as altar boy. 
Fr. Perez, Fr. Vassalotti, Bishop Massa, and Cav. Gangone.
The proud Gangone family with Bishop Massa.
The program.

November 6, 2018

A Royal Visit to the Reggia di Caserta in Campania

Cav. John M. Viola with TRH Princess Beatrice and Prince Carlo of Bourbon Two Sicilies
Our esteemed Delegate Cav. John M. Viola joins the Royal Family for an outing at the Reggia di Caserta in Campania. The visit was a touching conclusion to an event-packed weekend celebrating both the 25th Anniversary of the Movimento Neoborbonico and the 20th wedding anniversary of TRH Princess Camilla and Prince Carlo of Bourbon Two Sicilies, Duchess and Duke of Castro. The trip to the Royal Palace was highlighted with a planting of beautiful Camelia on the estate grounds in honor of the Royal Couple.

November 5, 2018

Constantinian Order Featured in the November 2018 Craco Society Bulletin

After participating in the 117th Annual Feast of San Vincenzo Martire di Craco in Little Italy, New York on Sunday, Oct. 28th, the Order was featured in the Nov. 2018 Craco Society Bulletin. In addition to Emperor Constantine's victory at the Battle of the Milvian Bridge, the article, reprinted below, explores the possible historical connection between our sacred Order, the Theban Legion, and glorious San Vincenzo.

The Sacred Military Constantinian Order of Saint George and San Vincenzo

The Mass celebrating the 117th Feast of San Vincenzo Martire di Craco in New York at the Shrine Church of the Most Precious Blood was graced for the first time by a contingent from the Sacred Military Constantinian Order of Saint George.

The order’s website is a wealth of information about their history.

They are an Order of Knighthood whose tradition dates back to Emperor Constantine who founded the Order following the miraculous appearance of the Cross at Saxa Rubra. The Constantinian Order has been considered one of the most ancient among the Orders of Knighthood.

The unification of Italy deprived the Constantinian Order of its territorial possessions, but the Royal House maintains the Grand Magistry since the Order is a dynastic institution. On several occasions the Holy See has confirmed the continuance of the Order and of its Grand Master in the person of the Head of the Royal House of Bourbon Two Sicilies. The current Grand Master is H.R.H. Prince Charles of Bourbon Two Sicilies, Duke of Castro. The Order has delegations in each Italian region, and throughout Europe and the Americas.

The participation of the delegation in this year’s event comes with amazing significance to us.

In 1901 the New York Times news article about the first celebration of the feast of San Vincenzo in New York mentions that it took place outside Most Precious Blood Church while it was under construction. The newspaper also noted a military honor guard attended, which seems fitting since San Vincenzo was a man-of-arms. Coincidentally, the mantles worn by the Knights attending this year match the tunic color the Theban Legion wore. But the connections between San Vincenzo and the Knights go back further to the legendary start of the Constantinian Order.
San Vincenzo at Most Precious Blood Church, Little Italy, New York
On October 28, the date we celebrated San Vincenzo this year, marks the day in 312AD when Constantine achieved a victory at the Milvian Bridge after having a vision that he would win the victory under the sign of Christ. In gratitude, Constantine ordered that Christian worship would be tolerated throughout the empire.

Constantine’s victory that day, fifteen hundred years ago, was over Marcus Aurelius Maxentius, the son of Emperor Maximinianus. It was Emperor Maximinianus, who as a general in 286AD, ordered the decimation of the Theban Legion.

A complicated series of events and turmoil followed with various factions contending for emperor. The Roman Senate, unhappy with Maximianus’ rule forced him to renounce his imperial position in favor of his son. Perhaps hedging his bets, Maximinianus then had his youngest daughter Fausta, marry Constantine one of the contenders for Emperor. Afterwards, Maximinianus returned to Gaul (where he had ordered the destruction of the Theban Legion) and began hatching schemes against his son-in-law Constantine in an attempt to regain his imperial position. In a confrontation with Constantine, Maximinianus’ soldiers surrendered him to his rival, but Constantine generously pardoned him. Soon after, Maximinianus returned to scheming against his son-in-law, and finally was compelled to take his own life in 310AD by “falling on his sword,” an amazing end to someone who put the 6,000 Theban troops to the sword two decades before.

The Battle of the Milvian Bridge
Marcus Aurelius Maxentius, the son of Maximinianus was drowned in the Tiber during the battle with Constantine at the Milvian Bridge. His body was taken from the river, decapitated, and his head was paraded through the streets of Rome, an ironic connection to the decimation of the Theban Legion by his father.

Constantine’s victory at the Milvian Bridge in 312AD gave him total control of the Western Roman Empire. When he issued the Edict of Milan, making Christianity officially recognized in the Roman Empire he paved the way for Christianity to become the dominant religion in Europe.

Part of the victory at the Milvian Bridge was attributed to the reconstituted Theban Legion. In the years after the decimation of the Legion by Maximinianus the remnant remaining in Egypt continued to recruit and serve the Romans. It may be no coincidence that around 312AD they chose to join Constantine in the struggle for control of the Empire over Maximinianus’ son, who they knew was responsible for the death of 6,000 of their predecessors.

Commemorating the victory, the Arch of Constantine was erected, outside the Colosseum in Rome. On the Arch is recognition of the role of the Theban Legion with images of the soldiers.

The Thebans were an auxiliary unit in the Roman Legions. Although they are usually thought of as infantry they were actually specialists - archers. Historically, we know they were Berbers from North Africa, serving the Egyptian Pharaohs for generations in their role as proficient and accomplished archers. In the Roman Empire they were a valuable commodity that fit the strategy and tactics supporting the Roman Legions at a time when extra manpower was needed. 

Constantine’s Arch gives us an insight into their specialty and dress. Visible is the unique way they placed arrows in their head dress making them more quickly accessible during battle.

Is it only coincidence that the descendants of the Theban Legion end up defeating the pagans who had massacred their ancestors? Is there some higher connection with the descendants of the martyred Thebans supporting Constantine in opening the world to Christianity?

While pondering the questions, there is no doubt the Knights attending the feast this year helped us unlock more of the story of San Vincenzo and the Theban Legion. 

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November 3, 2018

Distributing Food to the Homeless on All Saints' Day

Thank you to this month's volunteers
For the second month in a row, members of the Constantinian Auxiliary joined the Knights and Dames of the Order to prepare and distribute food to the homeless in Chinatown and Two Bridges, New York. Meeting at the Church of the Transfiguration (29 Mott St.) Thursday evening, volunteers prepared 20 care packages replete with toiletries and ready to eat food, including containers of freshly cooked penne marinara generously donated by our dear friends at Caffé Napoli (191 Hestor Street) in Little Italy.

Once again, we want to thank Antonio, Anna and Konstantinos Mavrianos-Cesare for their hard work and dedication. You are without a doubt the heart and soul of the operation. Thank you Raymond Guarini of Italian Enclaves, my consorella Dama Rosanna Minervini, and Louis Fontana of Caffé Napoli for your continued assistance. Your heartfelt generosity and selflessness is greatly appreciated. And as always, special thanks to Pastor Lo for your support and blessings. It is an honor to serve with such an outstanding group of people. God Bless you all. IHSV

The next walk will be on Thursday, December 6th—St. Nicholas Day—at 7:00 PM. In addition to ready to eat foodstuff and daily necessities, we’re are asking volunteers to donate hats and scarves for the looming cold weather. Anyone interested in supporting this charitable endeavor can contact Cav. John Napoli at or call Anna Mavrianos-Cesare at 917-592-4181.
Before heading to the church, we picked up the food from Caffé Napoli 
Our pals Ray and Lou
Caffé Napoli donated a heaping tray of penne marinara
In the church cafeteria, we divvied up the pasta into twenty healthy portions 
Konstantinos lends a helping hand
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November 2, 2018

TRH Prince Charles and Princess Camilla of Bourbon Two Sicilies Visiting Naples to Celebrate Their 20th Wedding Anniversary with TRH Princess Maria Carolina and Princess Maria Chiara

Photo courtesy of Real Casa di Borbone delle Due Sicilie
On the occasion of their twentieth wedding anniversary, TRH Prince Charles and Camilla of Bourbon Two Sicilies, Duke and Duchess of Castro, accompanied by TRH Princesses Maria Carolina, Duchess of Calabria and Palermo, and Maria Chiara, Duchess of Capri and Noto, will be visiting Naples from November 3rd to November 5th.

The first official appointment is scheduled for Saturday November 3rd at the Teatro Mediterraneo, Mostra d’Oltremare in Naples. TRH will attend a folkloristic cultural show of Neapolitan style entitled “25 YEARS OF THE NEOBORBONICAL MOVEMENT AND TWO SICILIES AWARD” where the greatest exponents of the Italian Contemporary Theater will attend. At the end of the show, the Dukes of Castro will celebrate their anniversary together with all the guests.

On Sunday, November 4th Their Royal Highnesses will be at the Cardarelli Hospital on the occasion of the inauguration of a space dedicated to welcoming not only the children of the patients, but also those of the hospital staff. The Hospital aims at providing concrete support to its employees so as to facilitate a better balance between work and family life.

During the afternoon, the Dukes of Castro will be visiting the Basilica of San Ferdinando for the inauguration of the nativity scene dedicated to famous men including the statuette of H.M. King Francis II of Bourbon Two Sicilies and afterwards will attend a solemn Mass at the Pontifical Basilica of San Francesco da Paola, organized by the Neapolitan delegation of the Sacred Military Constantinian Order of St. George.

Their trip to Naples will end on Monday 5th. After the visit to the historic atelier Marinella, official supplier of the Real House, which on the occasion of their twentieth anniversary will pay homage to the Dukes of Castro with a tie and a scarf made exclusively for celebrating their union. Their Royal Highnesses will also go to the Royal Palace of Caserta where a camelia will be planted in their honor.

Source: Real Casa di Borbone delle Due Sicilie